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      I'm a North Carolina writer fulfilling a life-long dream to see my words in print. It's been a long journey, and it isn't over yet! I write about women -- their hopes, their disappointments, their happy-ever-afters. My heroines are strong women who only need to recognize their potential and my heroes are men who are strong enough in their own right not to be intimidated.
      Whether in contemporary or historical setting, or even in a purely imaginary world, my heroines seek and find meaning to their lives and discover love along the way. Click the link under the book titles to read the blurb, an excerpt, and links to your favorite on-line vendor.

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     Damaris Tilghman loses everything when her father gambles away their home and then commits suicide. She is resigned to becoming a servant to a distant relative, but when she receives an unexpected marriage proposal from wealthy planter Matthew Pope, she wagers her future on the outcome. At first, as their love grows, she thinks she has won the toss.
     She soon discovers she has a rival in ZoŽ, who has convinced her fellow slaves that she is a conjure woman, and it is her orders that must be obeyed. Damaris tries to refute her claim, but the slaves believe ZoŽís lies and her so-called spells.
     When her husband puts her aside for the beautiful slave, Damaris wonders if he, too, is under ZoŽís spell--and if her love is strong enough to break it.

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     Member of the Romance Writers of America and the Charlotte chapter of RWA, Carolina Romance Writers
Charter member (1989) of the Anson County Writers Club