Sandra Z. Bruney

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My Books
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Steampunky Paranormal
Available on Audio

"A Question of Boundaries"
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"A Question of Loyalty"
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"A Question of Time"

Women's Fiction

"Angels Unaware"

"The Lunch Club"
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"The Almost Bride"

"When He Said Goodbye"

      I'm a North Carolina writer fulfilling a life-long dream to see my words in print. It's been a long journey, and it isn't over yet! I write about women -- their hopes, their disappointments, their happy-ever-afters. My heroines are strong women who only need to recognize their potential and my heroes are men who are strong enough in their own right not to be intimidated.
      Whether in contemporary or historical setting, or even in a purely imaginary world, my heroines seek and find meaning to their lives and discover love along the way.

Audio Books

My publisher, Cleanreads, has made my three "steampunky" books available in audio on Amazon and iTunes. When I realized how many people appreciated having a book they could listen to as well as read, I decided to try my wings and record the first in my historical fiction series. After trial and error, Riverbend was accepted by ACX and is now available on Amazon and iTunes as well. I followed this with Morven and plan to add Bethann in 2022. I am excited to be able to add audio books to my list.

Historical Fiction





"I'd Rather Go
to California"


(with Elbert Marshall

     Member of the Women Fiction Writers Association
Charter member (1989) of the Anson County Writers Club